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Whenever break bulk cargo is shipped using special equipment, the cost is usually quite expensive. However through our network of reliable partners located in the world’s major transport hubs, Prime Link is able to negotiate break bulk transport on conventional vessels at substantially reduced rates.


The challenge is to find the most effective logistics solution which is why break bulk transport requires creative thinking and a determined attitude. A thorough knowledge of ports, vessels and shipping lanes is also a prerequisite.


Prime Link’s break bulk cargo teams are not only experienced but also highly dedicated. They continuously monitor and manage every stage of your shipment and will even visit the port to ensure your cargo is safely secured on board.


Our break bulk cargo services include:

  • Cost-efficient and highly professional cargo handling

  • Efficient tally and supervision of cargo discharge and load

  • Continuous management at every stage of the shipment

  • Hazardous shipment handling

  • Oversize cargo and overweight cargo handling

  • Charter services

  • Freight recovery services

  • Special permit transport

  • Tie-downs and locked loads

  • Flatbeds, step-frames, low loaders and goosenecks

  • Tarps, blankets, straps and pads

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