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Analysts believe that up to 25% of the world’s food output is never eaten due to logistics inefficiencies which exist between the grower and the consumer. Prime Link is deeply committed to reducing these preventable losses which occur during the transportation and distribution of perishables.


The movement of refrigerated and climate controlled cargo whilst minimising loss requires a holistic strategy and approach. Each and every step of the logistics chain must be carefully evaluated and then monitored. This oversight extends beyond equipment and procedures to include the actual people who interact with refrigerated and climate controlled cargo. Prime Link ensures our drivers and handling staff are adequately trained to give your perishable cargo their fullest attention and care.


Combined with our innovative in-house auditing systems, Prime Link’s step-by-step real-time monitoring of perishable cargo has helped many of our clients to reduce losses in import handling. We also regularly update our clients with the latest technological developments, environmental policies and regulatory changes.

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