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​Swift and streamlined customs clearance is essential for timely deliveries, which is why Prime Link’s clearance agents are experts when it comes to local regulations and requirements. Acting on your behalf, their hands-on experience enables them to complete administrative procedures in the shortest possible time and without complications.


Prime Link offers a comprehensive range of clearance and documentation services. This includes preparation of all required declarations and official reports. We also assist you with handling letters of credit, customs consultancy, processing and certification, as well as free zone and transit services, and export documentation.


Our customs clearance and documentation services include:

  • 24-hour support for clearing sea export / import shipments

  • Value added services with relevant government authority

  • Bank letter of guarantee recovery

  • Export-import license lease

  • Draw-back and temporary release import clearing

  • Preparation of local documents

  • Free zone and transit services

  • Complete handling of letters of credit

  • Consultation for shipment processes and cost optimisation

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